A New Dawn, A New Day




The first product from new erotic brand United Indecent Pleasures is an eight-inch chocolate penis that oozes fondant cream. The filling comes in six fruit and liqueur flavours, and there’s a firmer chocolate fondant in the base.

8 Inches of Dark Chocolate Cock Filled With…by United Indecent Pleasures - Dezeen

get in my fucking mouth

I’d like it till it melts.


Amazing to see! I wish all loads were like this. I’d live entirely on a diet of cum.



Quite extroadinary….. not that I fully understand male plumbing at a medical level…… but in a perverse way I’m facinated…. I’m rather liking the idea of forcing a gurl to service that while I watch….she wouldn’t need a drink for a week….

I’d LOVE to taste that load. It looks like a Big creamy milk shake. Just beautiful.


100 Orgasms for the New Year. Hands down, the best cumpilation ever made (and from one horny man, no less.) 


fucking awesome! Just watch the guys balls as he fills that ass with cum.


Big UNCUT Cock slowly wakes up, oozes thick cum…YUM! An impressive no-hands performance….!

(via milkyvids)


SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIES: 21 year old straight bud fucks this dudes mouth and blows a big one down his throat.


I haven’t seen this video in years and still amaze me!!!


Boy takes a 24” dildo. You actually see it go as deep as his chest